Pen Pals


Explore the world one friend at a time.

Tons of new features. Best of all? It's Free!

PEN PALS® is a unique social networking app that lets you explore the world through conversations. Discover and interact with interesting people from places you would have otherwise never known. Pen Pals makes the world a little smaller and a lot friendlier for people from all walks of life.

Step 1

Send Messages

Pen Pals is a fun and simple app to use. Send messages using text and photos. Each new message you send out is magically delivered to other Pen Pals around the world.

Step 2

Receive Messages

Receive messages in your mailbox from people you've never contacted before. Reply to people you find intriguing.

Step 3

Chat with Friends

Meet someone awesome? Add them as a friend to chat in real-time over instant messages.


Simple. Friendly. Fun.

Your Personal Social Network

Every experience on Pen Pals is completely one-of-a-kind. There are endless unique stories from interesting people around the world.

Instant Messaging

Pen Pals encourages meaningful interactions between users. Add Friends so you can chat with them directly through instant messaging.

Beautiful Profiles

Discover more about your Pen Pals - including their stories, interests and location. Learn what you and your Pen Pal might have in common.

Unlock Stamps

Earn cool achievement stamps while making new friends. Fill your Passport with stamps from new countries you contact.


Positive experiences. Beautifully designed.

It's Free

Meet interesting people today.

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